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MICA Presents "Greener Groceries" at ICFF

MICA Booth at ICFF




MICA presents “Greener Groceries” at ICFF, New York City, May 15-19, 2009. Solutions range from digital delivery networks to reusable packaging, innovative shopping bags, underground food storage, mobile farmers’ markets, and print-on-demand labeling.

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Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, Maryland


Above: PacRac. Saving counter space in compact kitchens, this rack dispenses liquids such as dish soap, olive oil, vegetable oil, and vinegar. The push-button valve is also a hook. The packs will be made from biodegradable plastic; the tubes and valves will be reusable. — Zoe Axelrod, Steven McNamara, Gregory Murphy


Inna Alesina, Faculty, Environmental Design BFA Program
Ellen Lupton, Director, Graphic Design MFA Program

Graphic Design MFA students

  1. Mark Alcasabas
  2. Kristian Bjornard
  3. Molly Hawthorne
  4. Justin Kropp
  5. Virginia Sasser
  6. Andrew Shea
  7. Aaron Walser
  8. Jennifer White-Torres

Environmental Design BFA students

  1. Zoe Axelrod
  2. Sunny Chong
  3. Justin Dolan
  4. Irina Dukhnevich
  5. Arda Erdogan
  6. Daniel Gioia
  7. Rachel Kang
  8. Geoff Kfoury
  9. Louise Markison
  10. Steven McNamara
  11. Gregory Murphy
  12. Adam Panasowich
  13. Keloni Parks
  14. Justin Pretzer
  15. Stephanie Sevich
  16. Tessa Tripodi
  17. Simona Uzaite

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