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2009 Installation at Maryland Art Place

Exhibition identity designed by Wesley Stuckey

Exhibition identity designed by Wesley Stuckey

The first-year students in MICA’s GD MFA program created a public exhibition at the Maryland Art Place in Fall 2009 on the theme of Instant Messages. The project features a 75-foot-long installation in MAP’s hallway as well as over a dozen works of art and design created by individual students..

Photos by Ann Liu

Inspiration: Graphic Environments presentation Discussion: Designer as Author presentation

MAP exhibition featured on Radar.

Instant Messages Exhibition

MAP (Maryland Art Place) has invited MICA’s GD MFA program to create an exhibition in their gallery this December. If you are fascinated by the idea of “designart,” this is a great project for you. The theme of the exhibition is “Instant Messages.” The goal is to create four or more installations that reflect on the idea of messaging and signage in contemporary culture. Taking the language of fast food, public signage, and branded commercial spaces as a starting point, design an installation, print/poster series, sculptural object, multimedia projection, or other work that comments on messaging. Possible themes finclude old media/new media, the death of print, recycling, open source, D.I.Y., globalism, collective authorship, user-generated content, throw-away culture, or fast/slow design. At least one installation must be interactive with the public, allowing them to make and contribute content.

Maryland Art Place Hallway Installation

MAP (Maryland Art Place) is located in the ground floor of an office building in downtown Baltimore. The galleries are located at the end of a long hallway. MAP seeks to create large-scale wall graphics that dramatize what MAP is all about, welcoming them into the building and directing them to the gallery.

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